C50 Tubeless


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Saturae C50 full carbon tubeless wheels SRP £1000

Tubeless tyres have been around on bicycles for quite a while now, in fact in mountain biking Tubeless technology is the default standard for all serious off road machines.

We at Saturae have been working and developing our tubeless ready rim for over 18 months, and its now finally available to buy. We’ve based it around our hugely successful C50 profile (50mm deep aero section) full carbon wheelset complete with precision sealed hubs and DT spokes. Try finding a full carbon tubeless compatible aero wheelset from our competition we guarantee you won’t find anyone that can match our price and our quality.

So why go tubeless?

Tubeless systems eliminate the need for an inner tube between rim and clincher tyre. By using a special hooked bead on the rim and a dedicated tubeless tyre you can eliminate the extra weight of an inner tube, plus there are plenty of performance benefits too.

Firstly because the tyre is sealed to the rim with a small amount of sealant contained within in the event of a small puncture from a flint or thorn the sealant quickly fills the hole and seals it. That means less time spent at the side of the road with a spare tube or trusty tip-top patches and more time riding.

Secondly you can also run tubeless tyres at much lower pressures than a standard clincher (up to as much as 13psi less). That means on rough surfaces such as badly surfaced roads or even cyclocross tracks you can let a little pressure out and enjoy more comfort. Lower pressures also boost traction when cornering and braking, as a softer tyre will stick to the ground better.

Weight is also a factor, with a 25c tubeless tyre (Hutchinson Intensive 2) weighing in around 315g, and an equivalent tyre and tube (Continental Grand sport race 25mm, Continental Race inner tube) tipping the scales at 270g and 99g respectively you’ll save 69g per wheel and that’s where you need it too.

Finally a tubeless tyre is safer than a traditional clincher, Tubeless tyres use a non-stretch carbon bead around their circumference o in the event of a fast deflating puncture the tyre won’t roll off the rim like a clincher tyre would.

Against the clock, Sprint or Sportive?

We understand that different riders are looking for different things; our aero-optimized 50mm deep rim shape will benefit the TT rider, Triathlete or road racer in competition. But if your challenge is that epic Gran Fondo or Sportive then the C50 will suit you too. The aero benefits will allow you to make the most of your energy and the ride quality that only comes from a hand built wheel makes the C50 a truly comfortable wheelset too.

So alongside getting the latest tyre technology compatibility your also getting what earned Saturae’s reputation for high-quality, high value wheels, that being


Some full carbon wheelsets are produced for ultimate stiffness, the problem here is that a wheel that offers no-compliance at all won’t offer the ride any comfort and through fast corners the C50 stays smooth and won’t skip or buck like a super rigid wheelset is prone to.

That’s because our wheels are built by hand in the traditional way, they won’t flex laterally but we’ve tuned in just enough compliance to keep you comfortable on epic days in the saddle.

Hub design & FONA bearings

We’ve combined a lightweight Magnesium Alloy hub shell with our own Roller bearing system. We call it the FONA system our rollers are sealed against the elements and unlike traditional cartridge bearings the smoothness means they feel like your floating on air.


When it comes to quality spokes then Swiss made DT’s are hard to beat. Its what our wheel builders have recommended so that’s what we’ve used. Every pair of Saturae C50’s is laced with quality Stainless steel spokes from DT Swiss. To make maintenance easier we’ve designed the C50’s with standard external spoke nipples. We could have hidden them to save you at 10th of a watt in the wind tunnel but we’d rather you had a wheel that’s easy to maintain, and easy to service and repair at our approved Saturae dealers.